The best skaters in the world, competing in the finest bowls in the world, set against the most iconic places in the world. This is BOWL-A-RAMA.

Vans Bowl-a-Rama™ Bondi is a week long “Festival of the Skateboard”, including art, music and film events, leading up to one of the largest professional concrete series in the world.

In its eleventh year, Vans Bowl-a-Rama™ Bondi boasts a six day line-up of skateboarding infused cultural activities and competition.

2015 sees Vans Bowl-a-Rama™ Bondi celebrating its eleventh birthday with skateboarding’s most successful and influential skaters such as legendary skater Steve Caballero, world champion Pedro Barros and icon Tony Hawk.
When: February
Where: Bondi Beach
How often: annually
For how long: one day


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